During its history of more than a century, Olon S.p.A, has always been at the flank of the largest Multinationals of the pharmaceutical industry producing for them very advanced intermediates as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) principles on an exclusive basis. About 40% of Olon’ sales turnover comes from API contract manufacturing activities.

Availing itself of 3,100 m3 of fermentation capacity, with this technology Olon S.p.A. is in a position to produce also molecules that may require high containment already during fermentation, with annual volumes ranging from the tens of kilograms up to hundreds of tons.
Anthracyclines, immuno-suppressants and enzymes for different applications are just a few examples of products we do for our business Partners and that are obtained directly via fermentation or from fermentation derived building blocks.

Antibiotics are a pharmacological class where Olon S.p.A. has always played a primary role. Beta-lactams, macrolides, lipopeptides and glycolipopeptides fall within our expertise: with these products, Olon demonstrates how fermentation and chemical synthesis can be combined to produce APIs of interest to Originators searching for new molecules capable of killing micro-organisms resistant to traditional antibiotics.

Ever since the first grams of anthracyclines were produced in our laboratories back to the 70es, in its high containment laboratories and plants Olon S.p.A. has developed and produced a wide range of anticancer compounds on account of R&D based pharmaceutical companies that have found in Olon S.p.A. the partner of choice properly equipped for the handling of chemicals highly toxic for the workers and for the environment.

In the area of fully synthetic organic chemicals, Olon S.p.A. has a wide range of advanced and sophisticated technologies such as organo-metallic chemistry, low temperature reactions, photo-chemistry and a number of C-C bond forming reactions (Wittig-Horner, Heck, Suzuki, etc.) that consent to obtain very complex APIs and building blocks.