Olon's R&D expertise extends over a wide range of areas.

It includes:

  • development of APIs for the generic market and their development through non-infringing and often proprietary processes;
  • custom manufacturing based upon technologies developed by pharmaceutical companies;
  • development of synthetic route of new chemical entities;
  • production of GMP material for clinical supply;
  • process improvement activities.

To perform these activities, Olon’s scientists take advantage from a number of technologies in the fields of fermentation and chemistry:



  • Strain improvement and natural selection
  • Genetic engeenering
  • Mutagenesis (automated)
  • Enzymes preparation and Purification
  • Fermentation processes parameters definition by design of experiment
  • From flask up to pilot fermentation scale-up capability


  • Wide range of modern filtration/concentration technologies (ultra and microfiltration) chromatography (several stationary phases and column shape)
  • Finishing technologies (RO, dialysis, desalting, and additional purification technologies).


  • Semisynthesis on complex natural products.
  • Full range of chemical technologies (cryogenic reactors, hydrogenation, Grignard, etc.).
  • Fotochemistry
  • Organometallic chemistry.
  • Stereoselective synthesis (either from the chiral pool or by induced stereoselection)
  • Flow chemistry
  • Very High Potency APIs (including cytotoxic APIs).
  • Design of experiment for optimization
  • Polimorphism studies.
  • High containment labs and kilolab.
  • Universities network

Fields of expertise:
Olon’s expertise spans from β-lactams to antitumor antibiotics. More in general, natural products chemistry and semisynthethic products represent the traditional expertise of Olon, coming from legacy history. In particular, fermentation is one of Olon core expertise for making starting materials for antitumor antibiotics, lysergic acid derivatives, etc. High potency compounds and very high potency compounds, as well as cytotoxics.