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P&R Shanghai International Trading

P&R Shanghai International Trading is part of P&R group operating in the chemical and pharmaceutical field. Our company is located in the city center of Shanghai. With our well experienced marketing team, P&R Shanghai is mainly engaged in the search and sales of in pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, food and feed additives, agro-chemicals, veterinary, cosmetic and nutraceutical products.

安替比奥(上海)国际贸易有限公司是P&R 集团的子公司, P&R集团是专注于化工和医药领域的运营。子公司位于上海的市中心,拥有专业的市场队伍,主要从事于医药原料药和中间体,食品和饲料添加剂,农化产品, 兽药,化妆品和营养食品的采购和销售。

Technology highlights - 附加值

GMP Audits
P&R Shanghai can support their partners by performing Audits in the local market, having the knowledge and experience of interacting with different cultures and guidelines.

Regulatory Team
P&R Shanghai has a strong focus in the regulatory activities. We strongly believe that for being successful in the market the regulatory support is a key point. P&R Shanghai has regulatory people who are deeply informed about the local regulatory requirements, by supporting any partner to prepare their regulatory files.

We are your reliable partner!

GMP 审计

安替比奥上海子公司在法规注册方面拥有很强的专注力。 我们坚定的认为法规注册的支持是我们在市场成功的一个关键因素。公司的法规注册人员通过支持我们的合作伙伴准备登记资料,会及时知会地方法规注册的需求。