Kenya, Congo and Tanzania join the Project to fight the Sickle Cell Disease

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Kenya, Congo, and Tanzania the three African nations, have become part of the ambitious project, launched in 2019 by Novartis, intending to accelerate the inclusion of the treatment drug to fight Sickle Cell Disease and related laboratory tests.

In 2020 as well, OLON will support Novartis by donating as a non-profit policy, 12.000 tons of Hydroxyurea: the raw material needed to produce the medicine.

  • In 1992, Hydroxyurea was recognized as the first drug approved for the causative treatment of Sickle Cell Disease, demonstrating to reduce the number and severity of attacks2 and to extend survival time3.
  • Sickle Cell Disease is a disease that affects red blood cells that change in shape, causing the loss of structural and functional integrity, to the point of compromising their ability to transport oxygen.

If not adequately treated, Sickle Celle Disease is a congenital blood disease with high mortality and morbidity rates and its spread in countries with a high prevalence of Malaria is recognized: it is estimated that about 80% of cases occur in Sub-Saharan Africa.1, with 200,000 children born sick every year4, of which 90% die within the first 5 years of life.5

Thanks to the support of its partners, Novartis has already distributed over 20,000 treatments and is committed to implementing clinical trials for a new biological treatment for Sickle Cell Disease.

The partnership confirmed for 2020 includes: the definition of national guidelines for the treatment of the Disease, newborn screening and centers of excellence; guaranteed accessibility to treatments in line with cultural standards, the use of digital technologies for monitoring and evaluating patients, real-time communication of data and dissemination of medicine throughout all the areas involved.
Paolo Tubertini, has announced: “as CEO of OLON, it is my firm will to continue being a partner of Novartis even this year and contribute to pursuing the ambitious goal for the Sickle Cell Disease program.
The partnership in 2019 was a reason for pride and honor for the entire OLON Company and this collaboration is a demonstration of what is important for us. 
Our ambition, to support Novartis and this project, is to act as a non-profit business and we are, more than ever, committed for continuous improvement to reduce the costs, expanding, in this way, accessibility and affordability of the medicines to those that strongly need it, starting from Africa.”


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