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SMEPAC certification received for an area of OLON F1 production plant

Published by Olon S.p.A. on

We are pleased to communicate that an area of OLON F1 production plant, at Rodano site, has received the SMEPAC certification.

The plant includes lines 3 and 4 for the production of High Potent Active Ingredients (HAPI) with high containment, recognized OEB4 and OEB5, thanks to the use of specific technologies such as filter driers, isolators for powder loading and unloading (glove-boxes) and high-tech confined areas.

The plant allows to handle substances in isolation according to a scale that varies from OEB1 to OEB5, where OEB5 represents the maximum containment value and that is why, the high performance attributed to our plant, is for us a big potential for the production lines.

The emphasis that this type of plant has received in the last few years is mainly due to the desire to minimize the impact of the manipulation and synthesis of chemicals on the external environment.

For this reason, the production and handling processes of the High Potent Active Ingredients must be carried out safely in equipment that keeps all the material being processed inside it, creating a protective barrier between the operator/external environment and inside the equipment.

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