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We support those who support us

Published by Olon S.p.A. on

OLON is a privileged company that, like others, has the benefit and the commitment of continuing industrial activities to produce medicines.

This makes us think about our role: we represent a value for the community and not only for ourselves.

Aware of this, we opened a specific aid program towards all Italian municipalities in which we operate as they are the first structures facing the difficulties of citizens and will proceed on this way.

Some examples of the initiatives we support are: the distribution of masks to citizens in the Municipality of Casaletto Lodigiano; the activation of the psychological listening service in the Municipality of Dorno; the purchase of material for the Red Cross of the Municipality of Capua; free meals for people in difficulty in the Municipality of Mulazzano … and many others.

If we can contribute to our communities it is also thanks to the dedication and resilience that all our employees are showing; for this, we wish to extend the thanks received from the Mayors to all of them.

We are OLON #allinone #dontstopOLON

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