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OLON Sustainability

OLON Sustainability Policy integrates the following aspects considered strategic for our sustainability:

• ethics,
• labor,
• health and safety,
• environment,
• management systems.

OLON is committed to implementing these Principles as our own Conduct Code. We believe that society and business are best served by responsible business behaviors and practices. Fundamental to this belief is the understanding that a business must, at a minimum, operate in full compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. We are aware of differences in culture and the challenges associated with interpreting and applying these Principles globally. While companies supporting the Principles believe that what is expected is universal, it is understood that the methods for meeting these expectations may be different and must be consistent with the laws, values and cultural expectations of the different societies in the world. To promote the environmental sustainability, the UN 2030 Agenda and more generally the aspects linked to Ethics, Labor and Health and Safety, OLON decided, among other things, the following TARGETs within 2025:

• Reduction of energy consumption, to reduce both CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions (-50% over the period 2015-2025).

• Reduction of water consumption to promote fair and sustainable use (-50% period 2015-2025)

• Reduction of the generated waste, increasing their recovery (-40% period 2015-2025)

• Personnel training increase (in 2025 at least 8 hours per person)

• Zero injury project (Target ZERO!)

Sustainability Policy

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Carbon emissions per ton of manufactured product (Ton CO2 / Ton)
Water consumption per ton of manufactured product
(m3 / Ton)
Total waste per ton of manufactured product
(Ton / Ton)
Energy consumption per ton of manufactured product (TEP / Ton)