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We offer a complete range of development and manufacturing services spanning from preclinical to commercial phases supplying advanced intermediates, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Highly Potent APIs (HPAPIs) under full cGMP.

We always embedded a continuous improvement for providing high level services and double site manufacturing solutions if required by our customers to guarantee business continuity.


Highly skilled R&D team to deliver adequate solutions in relation with projects at each development phase, from familiarization to commercial scale production implementing robust process throughout process development and optimization using Design of Experiments (DoE), Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT). All the csale-up are supported by a state of the art Process Safety Lab and simulation studies using Visimax and Dynochem.

Technologies under cGMP

  • Production of HP API:
    Inhalation, CNS, Cytotoxic anticancer
  • Palladium Catalyzed Reactions
  • Cryogenic reactions (down to -80 °C)
  • Production and use of Boronic Acids
  • Photochemical conversions
  • Chromatographic purification from low to high pressure
  • High pressure hydrogenations
  • Cyanation (up to hundreds of kg/batch)
  • Bromination (up to 1,500 kg/batch)
  • Chlorination (up to hundreds of kg/batch)
  • Large scale oxidations in organic solvents (e.g.H2O2, HClO, etc…)
  • Hydride Chemistry (Lithium Aluminium hydride and Borane complex up to hundreds of kg of active)
  • Organometallic reagent (such as Lithium Reagents up to hundreds of kg of active)
  • Reaction with Sodium metal (up to 150 kg per production batch)
  • Hydrazine
  • Fluorination
  • Carbonylation

Manufacturing Site

Olon has 11 plants, all regularly audited by FDA and most relevant Worldwide Medicine Agencies, and each of them is characterized by specific and unique technologies and scale operation. We have a wide range of reactors to support the requirements of each development phase: kg lab, macrolab, pilot, multi tons. Among the 11 plans, the ones here below are the most utilized in contract development and manufacturing :

  • OLON RODANO (MI) – Italy
  • DERIVADOS QUIMICOS (Murcia) – Spain
  • OLON SEGRATE (MI) – Italy
  • OLON A.P.I. INDIA PVT. LTD. (Mahad) – India