23rd January, 2023 – Biomanufacturing, the production of materials via microorganisms, is emerging as one of the most promising building blocks for a more sustainable and healthier global economy – the bioeconomy. Scaling biomanufacturing of materials up to industrial volumes is the key next step in building the future bioeconomy.

Blue Horizon, investor in a sustainable and resilient food system, and Olon Biotech, international CDMO Service Provider, have just released an exclusive report that showcases the opportunity to establish a bioeconomy based on microorganisms that work for humans in fermentation processes. Blue Horizon and Olon’s report summarizes three main challenges in scaling-up biomanufacturing and proposes ways to unlock the potential of the bioeconomy.

Using fermentation to produce and modify foods is nothing new; products like bread, beer, yogurt, or citric acid are all routinely made in this way. Yet, advances in science and technology now allow the bioeconomy to provide functional food ingredients and specialty materials via fermentation. Currently, many of these processes are run at small scale and will soon need scaling up for commercial supply – the report outlines strategic approaches for bioeconomy companies and projects, highlighting the skills, mindsets, and partners that can help scale biomanufacturing to industrial levels.

Read the full report here.