With great satisfaction, Olon has been confirmed as Champions of the Italian industry, for being one of the Italian companies performing the most successful growth. Olon Group received the official recognition in 2022 as well, by the Think Tank Italy Post and with the endorsement of first Italian daily Corriere della Sera.

Olon is a champion of the national economy, based on the survey conducted by Italy Post that has identifies our Group as one of the Italian companies that have best performed the financial growth over the last years, in terms of revenues and EBITDA, and that keeps on developing also in 2023 despite the huge challenges that the global economy is facing.

It is particularly significant the fact that Olon is the first in the ranking of the "200" best Italian companies with revenues between 120 and 500 million euros. The ranking includes Groups in a good financial position along the growth path towards one billion in turnover.