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Our Vision

Olon Group is a global leader in the development and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients for CDMO and Generics, a reliable and preferential partner to the pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty ingredients markets.

We challenge and innovate the way to deliver science to improve human health. Our competitiveness is based on creative ideas and pathways for prompt, innovative and sustainable solutions in the life science industry.

Since the foundation, we have achieved a continuous development that drives our economic growth and global expansion. Our mission is to promote science and lead innovation in the chemical sector by meeting the highest quality standards and pursuing the most effective technological process. We are capability enablers and sustainable partners.

Thanks to our reliability and to full accountability throughout the entire process, from the initial research phase to large-scale commercialization, we have built strong relations with our partners over the years.

About Us

We produce Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) providing integrated full-service capabilities.

Olon’s ability to develop and manufacture Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in our network of facilities allows clients full access to integrated services resulting in faster production and delivery timelines, with one of the most extensive track records. We rely on synthetic and biological processes both for generic and contract development and the manufacturing market, in a full cGMPs environment, following ICH Q7 compliance.

With our structured expertise in chemical synthesis and microbial biomanufacturing, we are one of the most important players of API and HPAPI production, including controlled substances, innovative and generics drugs, advanced intermediates, enzymes, proteins, peptides and food biomanufacturing. Our sites are equipped with multi-purpose, dedicated lines where we can produce at different levels of high containment, up to OEB 5. 

Our expertise is applied to the production of APIs for treatments used in many key therapeutic areas and for some breakthrough pharmaceutical products. We are leaders, among others, in the production of retinoids, antineoplastic, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases compounds, antibiotics and antivirals.

Headquartered in Rodano (Italy), we have 11 manufacturing facilities – 8 located in Italy, 1 in Spain, 1 in the USA and 1 in India, all compliant with international requirements, and 3 branch offices. Two of these facilities (Capua and Settimo Torinese in Italy) are biotech centers, while the one in the USA is fully dedicated to R&D.


and Sustainability

In line with its long tradition, Olon Group’s target is to manufacture medicinal substances (intermediates and APIs for generic and the CMO/CDMO sector) fit for their intended uses and complying with the requirements of the Marketing Authorizations and of the Clinical Trial Authorizations.

This target is combined with a modern industrial vision that starts from respect and protection of the environment. A growing and globally active biotech company must build the foundations of a new sustainability around this pillar, placing people at the center, as recipients of the actions but also as participants in change, acting as an inspiration and driving force for the whole sector. This approach to sustainability must represent, first and foremost, the idea of the future that guides all Olon's next steps.

In recent years we have strived to continually improve our environmental performance by involving and informing the whole management structure and all the employees, fostering a culture of responsibility and participation.

To promote environmental sustainability, we have established specific and measurable targets for the next years, involving production processes and staff training, among which we want to highlight the reduction of specific energy and water consumption, of CO2 emissions, and of generated waste, the increase of recycled waste and a zero injury project aimed at all our working personnel.

We have also developed a document with a code of conduct and a declaration of sustainability requirements that we submit to all suppliers and external businesses with which we collaborate.

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