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Olon Group is a global leader in the development and production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for CDMO Partners and Generics. We provide an integrated package of chemical synthesis and biological processing services which clients rely on to manage their drug manufacturing projects, in strict compliant with regulations.
It provides an integrated package of chemical synthesis and biological processing services which clients can use to manage their drug manufacturing projects fully compliant with regulations.
We rely on a global network of 11 manufacturing site and 7 R&D departments across the globe, on several decades of experience in supporting pharmaceutical, biotech, food, chemical and bio-industrial companies.

Thanks to 2.300 employees and 300 highly experienced and qualified people in R&D team, we are a highly reliable partner.

In Olon, expertise and competence are combined with great flexibility at different levels, namely in the field of microbial fermentation processes - always considering human safety and environmental security.

Technical Capabilities and R&D

Combine well established and novel practices for efficient and successful manufacturing, ensuring a safe, fast and cost effective commercial process.

Quality & Regulatory Expertise

With 350 compounds sold worldwide, Olon has a deep knowledge of global regulations, and this represents a big value for all our partners.

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11 facilities spanning over 3 continents, with strong capabilities in both chemical synthesis and microbial fermentation.


We are constantly committed to reduce the impact on the environment where we operate and to promote a more sustainable API manufacturing approach.

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