About us

About us


Along the path we have firmly set out, 2023/2024 was marked by great strides toward environmental sustainability and energy transition, significant investment in systems that harness alternative energy sources, and social and economic involvernent and support for the communities in which we operate, we reaffirmed. Our commitment to creating an increasingly sustainable and certified supply and production chain by transferring our values and standards to our global suppliers, and we continued our efforts to develop innovative production processes with an ever-decreasing environmental impact through research and development projects.

Finally, we must mention the essential support of our people, the people who are part of our Organization and are our real driving force. Inclusion, diversity, development, and safety are the themes we focused on and engaged in across the board, by integrating our strategy and operational decisions. We have achieved important results in cutting electricity and water consumption: our aim is to reduce electricity and water use and carbon dioxide emissions by 60 percent between 2015 and 2025. We employ second-generation processes and green chemistry, while researching various sustainable technologies to reduce energy consumption and waste production whilst ensuring the maximum safety of our products. All these numerous efforts and initiatives resulted in progress and successes around sustainability. This has been recognized by independent institutions.

Our environmental, social and corporate governance focuses on four assets.

Sustainability Targets

We have very aspiring targets to reduce consumption of water and energy, to decrease wastes and carbon dioxide emission.