CDMO Olon Service

Through chemical synthesis, microbial biomanufacturing or a semi-synthesis approach, we offer, under GMP, dedicated solutions for the development and manufacturing of NCEs, advanced Intermediates, building blocks, enzymes & proteins, peptides of rDNA origin, high potency drugs, controlled substances and food bio manufacturing.
We guarantee customer support from the CDMO pharma R&D lab up to full-scale commercial manufacturing and strong regulatory support. Our experience and global footprint allow us to follow the entire process in house, with a single point of contact for the customer and complete accountability.
Along the process of technology transfer and product development, our Partners are fully supported by a dedicated team applying the guidelines of the project management approach. The appointed team is accountable for planning and tracking activities, resolving conflicts of resources, solving critical issues, and communicating news and updates; while the technical team, which provides regular updates on the project status (Reports – TCs), communicates directly with the customer for technical topics, and supports the regulatory strategy. Our commitment to excellence is well-recognized among leading CDMO companies.


About Olon Biotech – Olon Biotech is a division of Olon Group with more than 50 years of experience in microbial fermentation.As a CDMO service provider, Olon Biotech offers Contract Development and Manufacturing for high value fermentation products, through innovative and highly sustainable biomanufacturing solutions.

We represent the ideal partner for innovative companies, ranging from start-up up to medium/large business size, that are working for pharma, food, feed, cosmetic, personal care, flavours & fragrances, and many other markets. Wesupport companies at each stage of the project, from development and scaling up to the industrial production.

We develop, optimize and manufacture for our  customers their fermentation processes based on bacteria, yeasts and fungi, and can manage a wide range of molecules such as peptides, enzymes, alternative food proteins, high-value food ingredients, therapeutic proteins, antibody fragments.

Our biomanufacturingcentres are both located in Italy and can offer 4,500 m3 of total fermentation capacity, operatingin compliance with current cGMPs and meeting the highest quality standars.


Small molecules represent a vast range of low molecular weight organic molecules that are essential for the development of numerous drugs.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a team of dedicated researchers, Olon continuously innovates in this domain, positioning itself as a leader in the manufacturing and development of these essential molecules, ensuring high-quality standards and tailored solutions for client needs.

The allure of small molecules stems from their unique physicochemical properties, which not only make them amenable to drug development but also allow for custom drug design. This adaptability results in targeted mechanisms of action, increased specificity, and reduced side effects, thereby improving patient outcomes.

Their stability and the ability to be formulated in various dosage forms, from tablets to injectables, give them a competitive edge in the pharmaceutical market. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the World Health Organization (WHO), small molecules continue to be a foundational pillar in the discovery and development of new drugs, affirming the vital contribution of companies like OLON in this crucial sector.