The future trends in the APIs production

The Notiziario Chimico Farmaceutico, one of the main Italian trade magazine for the industry, outlines Olon as a global excellence publishing on the latest number the interview to our CEO, Paolo Tubertini. 

Here is the English translation of the key messages from our CEO

Olon develops and manufactures APIs. Thanks to organic growth and new acquisitions, the Group has made excellence its distinctive trait.

All our acquisitions in recent years have been guided by a future vision: the Infa Group in 2016 and Olon Ricerca Biosciences in 2017, to mention but a few. The growth has also translated to significant internal investments.

Our facilities were some of the first to manufacture high-activity APIs. We operate up to high-containment level 5 and oversee manufacturing processes of controlled substances, enzymes, proteins and peptides.

Olon’s strategy is to integrate and combine the CDMO approach with the generic approach. For example, we can apply our regulatory expertise to CDMO projects: with over 350 compounds throughout the world, we have some of the most structured global knowledge of the market.

Our global strategy is based on the development of internal technological platforms. We started up “Innovation Initiatives”, a long-term programme to explore new technologies or applications to improve the quality and sustainability of the manufacturing process for the pharmaceuticals that we already produce. We are working on the cutting edge of R&D both in terms of chemistry, with flow chemistry, photochemistry and electrochemistry; and in terms of biotechnologies, expanding our biotech platform for the synthesis of peptides with recombinant DNA technology.

Notiziario Chimico Farmaceutico