Approval from AIFA for the newly installed manufacturing line in our Rodano site. A new high containment production line able to handle highly potent compounds

We are happy to disclose that we’ve received the approval from AIFA, the Italian Regulatory Body, for the newly installed manufacturing line in our Rodano (Milan) site.

Olon has recently set up a new high containment production line, closed system, able to handle highly potent compounds. The line setup has included the installation of new equipment such as two enameled and two stainless steel reactors ranging from 2000 to 2500 l, equipped with halar-coated and stainless-steel glove boxes for charging products, a horizontal axis hastelloy centrifuge, a hastelloy filter dryer equipped with hastelloy glove box for the download of products; the line has been completed with a few supporting tanks.

This represents a further step ahead along the pathway of enlarging and strengthening the advanced high containment platform, in which the Company has invested 40 million in the last few years.

Olon offers the capacity to develop and produce highly potent APIs, from very small to large scale, along the entire development chain. It is one of the few API suppliers to offer the range of specific integrated high containment capabilities necessary to support the customer from the first clinical phase up to industrialization, regardless of the quantity of product needed and batch size required and regardless of the ongoing molecule development phase.