DQ-Olon & The Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Murcia has inaugurated Green UMeeting

The future trends in the APIs production

The Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Murcia (Spain) has inaugurated Green UMeeting, a new space, a meeting point for professors, researchers, and businessmen to celebrate all kinds of interactions in the open air with the chemical companies of Murcia, to generate innovation, discussion, and knowledge. Green UMeeting within the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Murcia, was carried out with the support of Derivados Quimicos.

The space, the first initiative ever created to encourage exchange and collaboration between chemical companies and universities, is intended to organize presentations and meetings and aims to raise awareness of the chemical excellence of the area, such as DQ, to encourage innovative projects and attraction of talents in the company.

The two spaces were inaugurated through an official celebration attended by the President of the Comunidad Fernando Lopez Mira, members of the Executive, the Mayor of Murcia, the Rector and the Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, the Rectora de la Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena; Derivados Chimicos received an official recognition, delivered to the President of DQ Marcello Buson.

In the inauguration, the President of Derivados Químicos and Head of Corporate Global Operations OLON, Marcello Buson, participated in the roundtable “The Contribution of Chemical Industry to Economic Development of the Region”, to discuss DQ activity, strictly connected innovation and scientific development, what DQ represents in terms of employment, economy, investments, and sustainability.

“Chemical Industry has played a fundamental role in the socio-economic development of this Region, and it has generated progress. Today we have inaugurated a dedicated area that that will make the Faculty, the University, and beyond the entire Community, a better place”, commented Fernando Lopez Mira.