Let’s discover Olon API portfolio!

Let's discover Olon API portfolio!
New generation molecules are the focus of much of the research and development of the global pharmaceutical market. The general trend has been the development of new therapies towards increasingly selective, and therefore increasingly potent, molecules, with the possibility of extending to all therapeutic areas and in particular to oncology.

Target therapies are drugs that are selective and therefore better tolerated by the patient, have an action that targets only the mechanism underlying development of the disease. Targeted therapy is able to act specifically on a particular target. “Targeted” drugs are small synthetic molecules with selective action on growth factors.

Olon is a leading international API supplier. It has developed an R&D strategy that supports medical and scientific advances in targeted drugs, as an innovative partner of pharmaceutical companies investing in innovation.

Thanks to investment in research, Olon’s API portfolio has grown significantly over the years, with considerable diversification in the areas of oncology. Olon’s APIs are intended to treat solid tumors and blood cancers, such as lymphomas and lung, liver and breast cancer.

The Olon portfolio includes seven nibs: tofacitinib, nintedanib, lenvatinib, larotrectinib, zanubrutinib, tucatinib and pralsetinib.

Olon has invested in technologies and production processes that allow it to rapidly and flexibly adapt multipurpose lines to small and large volumes