Olon School Project

The future trends in the APIs production

Olon, in collaboration with several universities, is organizing events in order to share different career opportunities existing in our Group, in Italy and abroad,

“Olon School” is an Olon driven project that aims at identifying and developing young talents through different career paths in the Company. In particular, you will have the opportunity to develop your potential by experiencing yourself across different functions and sites.
You will take part in a nine-months “training-on-the-job process” aligned to a specific career path:

  • Operations/Business Management Career Path: you will rotate in Operations, Sales, Supply Chain and Finance functions
  • Scientific Career Path: you will rotate in R&D, Quality and Regulatory Affairs functions
  • International: you will have the great opportunity of learning and working in different Sites such as: Italy, Spain, Usa, India

Each individual in Olon is focused on leadership values and we continuously search for new leaders to join us and contribute in our High-Performing Organization journey!

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