STEAMiamoci – Enrolling at Olon

STEAMiamoci - Enrolling at Olon

The Olon School Project is a program dedicated to the identification of young graduated talents and to the investment in their managerial and professional growth. We focus on candidates with different academic backgrounds, from scientific to economic-engineering. The project promotes diversity in scientific careers with a particular focus on young emerging talents and high potentials. Olon School is one of the virtuous company programs that support women careers in scientific and technical pathways

We are delighted to be active players of this prestigious initiative and to give our contribution in creating the leaders of the future!

“Being exposed to different tasks and roles, across various functions and sites in the organization, which has been made possible thanks to the Olon School project, I had the opportunity to get to know in-depth not only the Company, but also myself. I had the possibility to better understand my professional ambitions and my personal motivation and attitudes”: Elisa Salvadè is one the young scientists who participated to Olon School, the Olon initiative to develop young talents aiming to become future leaders.