Olon & Chromologics partnership

Milan, Italy – May 28, 2024 –  Olon Group, a global leader in food biomanufacturing and development,  and Chromologics, a Danish biotech company specializing in the production of innovative natural food colors, today announced an ongoing partnership to leverage Olon’s vast fermentation infrastructure to manufacture Chromologics products. Olon and Chromologics established this partnership to leverage Olon’s fermentation sites across Italy. Chromologics are going to revolutionize the natural food color market by selling a natural red color to enable food manufacturers in the US and EU to replace synthetic or unstable natural colors.

Olon is playing a pivotal role as a CDMO for scaling Chromologics biomanufacturing processes, focusing on natural colors for use in the food and beverage market.

“Olon Biotech – commented Andrea Conforto, VP CDMO Olon Biotech – has more than 50 years of experience providing high-quality fermentation manufacturing services. Our global footprint led us to be one of the biggest companies producing via microbial fermentation for third parties in Europe, thanks to our fermenter’s sizes and total fermentation capacity of 5,000m³. In the last three years, we have invested over 130 million euro in our Biotech Centers. The investments have generated a significant increase of our capacity further than making our process more sustainable. We are truly happy that this effort is driving the success of such a promising project, in partnership with Chromologics”.

“It has been important for Chromologics to find a CDMO that can secure the quality of our final product and quickly scale our production capacity to address the global market for natural colors. Olon has met these requirements and has shown dedication and professionalism when implementing our novel technology. “said COO of Chromologics Karsten Dinesen”