Olon in partnership with Aguettant Pharmaceutical announces a renovation and expansion of the plant located in Mulazzano dedicated to enzymatic transformation

The future trends in the APIs production
 “We are proud to collaborate to this expansion, offering our expertise and know-how of this production process, in order to give a broader access to such a fundamental treatment” comments Paolo Tubertini, CEO of Olon Group.

Milano, October 18th, 2021 – Olon Group in partnership with Aguettant Pharmarmaceutical announces a remarkable expansion and renovation of the plant, located in Olon site of Mulazzano, dedicated to the production by enzymatic transformation. This process of preparation on large scale is based on a unique and differentiating expertise of Olon, that has an outstanding skill on this specific synthetic process. The improvement of the plant will boost a significant increasing of the site reaction capacity. It will imply the installation of several new equipment’s, as reactors, filters, refrigerator, revamping raw material device. Along the process, many steps performed by the site will be automatized and digitalized.

The new line will be dedicated to the production of Phosphorylated sugar. This specific Phosphorylated sugar is an important carbohydrate intermediate in glucose metabolism and storage, used to produce an essential injectable treatment. In response to hormonal or neural signals, glycogenolysis occurs in liver and muscle tissues where Phosphorylated sugar is released as the rate-limiting step in glycogen breakdown.

Mulazzano has been developing the know-how of this sustainable process using renewable raw materials and reagents since many years, so that today can partner with Aguettant for the capacity expansion of the product.  /