The OLON Cátedra de Química Sostenible de la Universidad de Murcia is born

Arsenic with Michael Fricke

The University of Murcia and Olon Derivados Químicos have signed a collaboration agreement for the creation of the OLON Chair of Green Chemistry, which has finally generated a space dedicated entirely to investigation, training and dissemination in this field of the chemistry. The Dean, José Luján, and Marcello Buson, President of Derivados Quimicos and Head of Corporate Global Operations Olon, have signed the agreement, during an official act that took place at the University.

Professor Pedro Lozano highlighted during the act the importance that supposes a multinational company, world leader in the production of active pharmaceutical principles is associated with the Facultad de Química de la Universidad de Murcia. Lozano has also reviewed that this is an example of the collaboration to modulate the ways of manufacturing toward approaches and processes always more sustainable. The collaboration between the group and the University will take place in joint investigative projects, industrial PhD and the possibility of training for students, among other actions.

On the other hand, Marcello Buson underlined the willingness of Olon to share knowledge and experience “to understand how we develop and produce the active principles under highest standards of quality, always making sure of safety and respect for the environment