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Expertise and competence are combined with great flexibility at different levels. The wide breadth of advanced cutting-edge technologies has been organized on platforms to provide integrated capabilities. We operate using hazardous chemistry processes and we rely on a fully equipped and dedicated analytical R&D laboratory.

Olon Biotechnology Center has one of the most extensive know-how in microbial services. Our expertise in microbial biomanufacturing is based on more than 50 years of experience.

Expertise and deep knowledge are combined with great flexibility at different levels, namely knowledge of different microorganisms and fermentation processes. There is also significant flexibility in the isolation and purification phase because we can rely on 20 different downstream departments. Furthermore, Olon Biotechnology Center relies on great in-house engineering expertise. Our global footprint allows us to be one of the first companies in Italy to produce via microbial fermentation for third parties, in terms of size and capacity - 4,500m3

In addition to the pharmaceutical sector, we have expanded the biomanufacturing platform to other key industries and apply fermentation to sustainable production. We operate in food, cosmetics, flavor and fragrance, personal care, agrochemical, textile and bio-industrial markets, and we have all the certifications for production in these sectors.

Our features:

  • About 200 highly experienced and qualified people in the R&D team including approximately 25% PhDs, 45% MSc and 30% technicians;
  • About 10% of employees is dedicated to R&D;
  • Fully equipped and dedicated analytical R&D laboratory;
  • High containment Labs and C-GMP kilo Labs;
  • Quality by design and design of experiment, taking advantage of parallel synthesis equipment;
  • Process safety & scale-up lab;
  • In-house IP office managing a patent portfolio of over 300 patents and patent applications;
  • Collaboration with an international network of universities.
Process Safety
Scale-up Lab
OLON at a glance


OLON at a glance:
  • 2,200 employees
  • 530 million USD turnover
  • 7,320 m3 reaction capacity
  • 295 APIs
  • cGMP expertise: approximately 160 active US DMFs and 79 granted CEPs
Headquartered in Rodano (Italy), Olon has 11 manufacturing facilities – 8 located in Italy, 1 in Spain (Murcia), 1 in the USA (Concord, Ohio) and 1 in India (Mahad), all compliant with international requirements, 2 branch offices (Florham Park - USA and Mumbai - India), and 2 trading offices (Hamburg - Germany and Shanghai - China). Two of these facilities (Capua and Settimo Torinese in Italy) are biotech centers, while the one in the USA is fully dedicated to R&D.


Our growth in recent years has translated into investments, which have constantly risen: 65 million euros in 2021, invested in R&D, expansion of production sites, IT and strategic investments to improve production standards in terms of product quality, protection of people and impact on the environment. The impact on the environment remains at the center of the corporate vision: concrete and ambitious objectives to reduce consumption and emissions, in addition to the constant commitment to promote a more sustainable approach to API production.
Growth through investments


Since the foundation, we have achieved continuous development that drives our economic growth and global expansion, making us a leader in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Over the years we built a global network of 11 plants that we have incorporated in our model.

1998 - 2003

Solchem Italiana and Laboratori Mag join the manufacturing network. Solchem, Laboratori Mag and CD Farmasint are merged into SOLMAG.
The company acquires the Antibioticos and Schiaparelli sites, major Italian players in the chemical industry. The Schiapparelli plant is highly specialized in microbial biomanufacturing.
Schiapparelli S.p.A., founded in 1907 and with more than 100 years of experience, represents one of the most extensive industrial microbial biomanufacturing experiences in the UE.

1998 - 2003


The company changes name into Olon S.p.A.

2011 - 2012

Olon establishes the international footprint by opening new offices in Shanghai and in the USA.

2011 - 2012


Olon acquires the INFA Group, opening the INFA Gmbh trading office in Hamburg (Germany), and establishes its international footprint with three further manufacturing facilities – two sites in Italy (Segrate and Casaletto Lodigiano) and one in Spain (Murcia) – Labochim, Sifavitor and Derivados Quimicos.


Olon acquires the Development Division of Ricerca Bioscience LLC, Cleveland (USA).



Olon acquires Capua Biosciences S.p.A. (Italy), becoming one of the first companies in Europe to produce with microbial biomanufacturing for third parties.


Olon acquires the Novartis API plant in Mahad and opens a trading office in Mumbai (both in India).


Research and Innovation

We challenge and innovate the way to deliver science to improve human health. Our competitiveness is based on creative ideas and pathways for prompt, innovative and sustainable solutions in life science industry.

Our vision is to use innovative technologies to deeply transform the process of synthesis.

We are focusing our efforts on the rising sectors of flow chemistry, as an application of continuous manufacturing, and biocatalysis, the future trends in synthetic and biological techniques.

Flow chemistry uses micro reactors, producing in a continuous cycle, using less energy and fewer solvents, and ensuring greater safety. A paradigm and mindset shift, which generates a continuous flow of data and an exchange from chemists to engineers and vice versa.

We use natural catalysts in biocatalysis, such as enzymes, to perform chemical transformations on organic compounds. Even with this process, the energy and the solvents impact can be limited, creating a more sustainable production system, from the research phase to the industrial scale.

Through chemical synthesis, microbial biomanufacturing or semi-synthesis approach, we offer, under GMP, following ICH Q7 compliance, dedicated solutions for the development and manufacturing of: NCEs, advanced Intermediates, building blocks, enzymes & proteins, peptides of rDNA origin and high potency drugs

We guarantee full customer support from the R&D lab to commercial manufacturing, thanks to a tram of highly qualified technical experts.

Dedicated solutions